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Chamber Ensemble (Instrumental)

Amèe (for flute, alto saxophone, cello) 14'
Arguing Without Discretion (for Marimba Duo) 7'
As We Like Or Should (for Chamber Ensemble, Piano, and Soprano)  27'
Breaking (for Solo Flute) 10'
Conversations (for Oboe, Clarinet and French Horn) 7'
Excursions (for Flute and Guitar) 9'
Fast Forward Rewind (for String Quartet) 8'
Impeccable Polish of the Moon (for clarinet and piano) 7'
Sonata for Clarinet & Bassoon 11'
String Quartet No.1 18'
Two Shorts (for Saxophone Quartet) 5'
Three Polaroids (for string trio) 8'
With My Best Intentions (for Pierot Ensemble (fl, cl, vln, vc, pno, perc.) 8'
Sisters (for Piano 4 hands) 11'


Prayer (for electric guitar) 6'
Scenes from Manhattan (solo trumpet/flugelhorn) 10'
Breaking (for Solo Flute) 10'


The Dark Current (a song cycle for Baritone and Piano) 8'
Introspect (for women's chorus) 10'
*text by Rainer Maria Rilke
Mad Girl Love Songs (for violin and mezzo soprano) 8'
*text by Colin Payne
Nightingale (for soprano) 3'
*text by Colin Payne


Calm Among Chaos (for full orchestra) 7'
Detroit 3 a.m. (for full orchestra) 12'
Did You Say Something (for Concert Band) 6'
Colossus (for string orchestra)
*arranged from string quintet 12'


Hustle (for violin, synthesizer, and fixed media 8'
Footsteps Along Shattered Glass (for Marimba and Live Electronics) 7'
Water Drop Revolution (for Piano and Live Electronics) 8'

Film Score 

Stay With Me (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 40'
I'm With the Band (Original WKAR T.V. series 20'
Run (Short film) 2'


As We Like Or Should (adapted for dance; choreographed by Rosely Conz 18'
Hustle (adapted for dance) 9'
Partition 12'
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