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Stay With Me (2017)

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I'm With the Band (T.V. soundtrack)

Comedy (pilot episode) about a struggling rock band in the late 1970s. Rock-inspired soundtrack featuring all-original music.

Partition choreographed by Rosely Conz
As We Like Or Should 
Choreographed by Rosely Conz
Conducted by Kevin Phillips
Performed by 
Alex Hoelzen (flute)
Luz-Elena Colombo (clarinet)
Tyler Jones (Alto Saxophone)
Marina Stojanovska (piano)
Catalina Barazza (violin)
Alexander Casson (violin)
Howard Jones (viola)
Li-Tsu Tsao (Cello)
Matt Gibson (Double Bass)
Arguing without Discretion 
Performed by Moose Davis and 
Kathryn Irwin
Footsteps Along Shattered Glass
Performed by Moose Davis
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